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Pricing and Cancellations Policy

Individual Tuition
Pricing and Cancellations

When do I pay?

We do not ask you to pay in advance or ask you to book a prescribed number of sessions. The time spent by tutors preparing lessons and setting homework is part of our service and does not incur additional charges. You simply pay the fee for each session to the tutor at the end of the lesson. There is nothing extra to pay for tutor travel costs or preparation.



We ask that you give us plenty of notice for holidays, appointments, etc, but lessons cancelled at less than 24-hour's notice may incur a £12 cancellation fee.


Individual tuition

Key Stage 1 pupils - £26 per one hour session
Key Stage 2 pupils - £28 per one hour session
Key Stage 3 pupils - £30 per one hour session
Key Stage 4 pupils - £33 per one hour session


A Level students and adults - £36 per one hour session

Grammar School Entrance Exam Tuition - £30 per one hour session


Mon - Fri (3.15pm – 7.30pm)
Sat - Sun (10 am – 12 am)


20 Spring Rd,
Poynton, Stockport,
Cheshire, SK12 1YZ

Office Hours

Monday – Friday
9.30am to 3.30pm

Phone & E-mail

01625 858169

About Poynton Tutorials

Poynton Tutorials was founded in 2005 by Joyce Beasley, a retired Headteacher, with over 40 years in the teaching profession.

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