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Key Stage 1 Tutors

As these are the years in which students sit their GCSE exams, they are extremely important. In English, subjects including poetry, persuasive writing, essay writing, grammar, Shakespeare and literary texts by famous writers will be tested. In maths, students will have to cover algebra, statistics, probability, geometry and number.

Our well-qualified tutors can help with all of these topics and explain areas which the student may find hard to understand.

If you feel your child would benefit from some extra help from one of our tutors, please ring Joyce on 01625 858169

Key Stage 2 Tuition (Years 3-6)

We offer tuition in:






Some children find the jump from Years 1 and 2 (infants) to Years 3-6 (juniors) quite intimidating, as the curriculum becomes more demanding and new concepts begin to appear - fronted adverbials, irregular plurals and possessive apostrophes.

Our KS2 tutors can assist children to understand these, gaining in confidence as they do so. One to one help is invaluable when a child is struggling with reading, writing or comprehension.

For those children who find maths difficult, we have a specialist maths tutor who uses the 'Numbers Count' programme. This has been designed by Edge Hill University and is an intensive intervention for children in Years 1 to 8, who have difficulties with maths. Our specially trained tutor will design a programme based on the needs of the child. The focus is on number and calculation, helping children to develop skills and attitudes that will help them in the classroom.

To discuss these options further, ring Joyce on 01625 858169

Key Stage 3 Tuition (Years 7-9)

These are important years, as they lay the foundations for good GCSE grades. We offer experienced tutors in English and maths, who can help iron out any difficulties that may have arisen, or work on areas that need improvement. Sometimes, just a short course of lessons may be all that is needed to help the student understand a topic that they may previously have struggled with.

Our tutors will come to your home to teach unless you prefer otherwise, as some parents do.

We offer tuition at all levels in:

English Language

English Literature


Please ring Joyce on 01625 858169 if you would like some help for your child.


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Poynton Tutorials was founded in 2005 by Joyce Beasley, a retired Headteacher, with over 40 years in the teaching profession.

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